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Welcome to Hope Academy

Hope Academy stands at the centre of its local community and we are all determined to be an Academy of which everyone can be proud. We are committed to delivering high quality education to all our students, and giving them the best possible opportunities to flourish and be successful in their lives.
Welcome to Hope Academy

Hope Academy

Kindergarden, Primary 1, 2, 3, and 4

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About Hope Academy

About Hope Academy
Hope Academy in Tamale is breaking new grounds in the educational provision in northern Ghana.
Hope Academy is a new school, with non-religious ethos, devoted to the teaching of children with special educational needs, or suffering with any handicap.

The inspiration for the school is Solomon Asaanah, currently a lecturer at Tamale Technical University.
Solomon is himself the father of a handicapped son, and he has taught a group of children with special needs in his own home. His dream has been to make provision for such children in a special school, with the possibility of their progressing into main stream education. The first teaching block is now complete; a borehole has been sunk, to provide water for the school; power has been brought to run the pump and power the school. The school was opened in Sept. 2016 with 64 pupils, 15 having special needs.

The location of Hope Academy is at a remote suburb of Tamale, where the rural folks are subsistent farmers, poor and yet to understand the value of education. For this reason the school is not able to generate internal funds to cater for teaching /learning, and infrastructural development.

There is an ongoing three classroom project that needs support. Our most urgent needs are computers to teach ICT and a playground to suit children with special need


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